Commercial Property Services: Energy Modeling

Helping facility managers and commercial property owners create healthy, energy-efficient environments for team members and customers, We Green Energy Solutions improves building performance with comprehensive energy modeling solutions. Our trained team of energy analysts and HERS raters has an in-depth understanding of Title 24 guidelines, and we using advanced mathematical formulas and state-of-the-art modeling software to meet above-code programs.

For your peace of mind, We Green is a neutral, third-party provider—so we are not biased toward particular equipment brands. Instead, we tailor energy models to your facility’s operational and budget objectives.

Advantages of Energy Modeling

Whole-building energy simulation is smart business. Energy modeling has the most value when it is used early in the design process, but We Green also provides energy modeling for existing and remodeled facilities. Building Energy Modeling (BEM) is a calculation of total energy use, and takes into account factors like heating and cooling systems, mechanical equipment, hot water, windows, building envelope, photovoltaic systems, and ventilation systems. Using sophisticated software to replicate your facility, we calculate energy averages and predict future energy use. BEM is helpful for:

  • Predicting monthly energy use
  • Determining annual energy costs
  • Comparing equipment & system options before installation
  • Determining CO2 emissions
  • Calculating return on investment for energy upgrades
  • Simplifying the design process & determining the value of design changes
  • Complying with LEED & ENERGY STAR certification guidelines
  • Ensuring eligibility for energy rebates & incentives

Schedule Energy Modeling for your Facility

We Green works closely with businesses and facilities of all sizes to deliver breakthrough energy-efficiency strategies and take the headache out of complex testing and documentation. To inquire about HERS testing, schedule an energy modeling consultation, or speak with a certified energy analyst, dial 888.991.HERS (4377) today.