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March 3, 2020

Have you come across the terms HERS test, HERS verification, or Title 24? If you are buying, selling, or renovating a home here in California, you may find yourself a little lost when it comes to understanding Title 24 energy code compliance. 

We Green is here to clear the air about HERS certification and Title 24 reports, so you can get back to building, buying, or remodeling your dream home!

The Home Energy Rating System

Let’s get right to the point — HERS is an acronym for the Home Energy Rating System. This is a rating system used by the California Energy Commission as a way to measure the overall efficiency of heating and cooling systems in homes, businesses, and industrial buildings. HERS testing is how the California Energy Commission continues to make progress towards California’s energy and carbon reduction goals. 

California’s Title 24

So why are you required to have a HERS test, and what does a HERS rated certificate mean? HERS requirements are outlined in California’s Title 24 energy code. A HERS rating is required any time you are buying or selling a home, or are renovating anything related to the mechanical equipment in your home (like your HVAC system).

What Happens During a HERS Test

Each third party HERS test is a full inspection of how energy efficient your home is. This includes testing the efficiency ratings of your:

  • Furnace or boiler 

  • Air conditioner

  • Heat pumps

  • Ductwork

  • Insulation

  • Hot water system

  • Ventilation

So, what follows a HERS test? You will then receive a Title 24 certification with your HERS results if your home is compliant with the most recent changes to California’s energy codes. 

Trust We Green with Your Compliance Needs

If you are planning your next move or renovation and are searching for a HERS rater near me, how much HERS testing costs, or a Title 24 calculation, the team at We Green is ready and waiting to help you with all of your compliance needs. 

From helping you determine what energy upgrades you need for your energy compliance, to scheduling a HERS rater at your convenience and keeping you updated 24/7 in our online portal called the Green Room, our knowledgeable building science experts can make sure everything goes as smooth as possible. 

Need a hand sorting through what Title 24 is in California? We Green is here to answer your questions. Ask about our HERS tests and home energy rating services by calling (888) 991-4377 or get in touch here.