Home energy audits provide analysis of your home’s energy use, including how much energy your home systems require, how your energy use compares with buildings in your community, and how you can sustainably improve energy efficiency. When you upgrade your home to use less energy, you also enjoy the benefit of monthly utility savings.

Who Needs a Whole-Home Energy Audit?

Virtually all homeowners can benefit from a whole-house energy audit, but it may be especially valuable if:

  • You are preparing to sell your home and want to share results with potential buyers.
  • You are purchasing a home and want to know more about its energy use.
  • You are building or remodeling a home and need to comply with Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards.
  • You are preparing to make upgrades and need assistance planning energy improvements.

You may already know that energy audits and upgrades are a smart, sustainable way to achieve your home energy goals while reducing utility costs. Unfortunately, many energy consultants are biased toward brand-specific products and services that may not be in your best interests. Keeping your budget and energy goals in mind, We Green is a third-party energy consultant without ties to particular product lines. Our neutral, comprehensive energy assessment includes detailed recommendations about energy improvements, utility savings, and a reduced carbon footprint.


By performing home efficiency upgrades, you may be entitled to rebates and incentives. Respectful of your budget at every project phase, We Green’s turnkey services include making homeowners aware of these money-saving programs and helping them verify energy ratings and complete necessary documentation.

To request a home energy audit or discuss our residential property services in more depth, call 888.991.4377 or inquire online today and a We Green representative will be in contact with you.